Has anyone been able to get Google Calendar info via API yet?

I am trying to get calendar details from my Google calendar and wasn’t sure someone had found a way to get the data via API since the changes to Google.

Im going to bump this. I have tried the tutorials but cant seem to figure it out LOL. Any help would be great.

Is this what u want? -

Thanks! :smile:

Yes I have seen that and tried it. The issue is I cant seem to get it to call my calendar. I either get an error message or no return at all. Has anyone actually connected to their calendar using the API blocks or calling through http?

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Yeah… It’s a bit complex API for me :sweat_smile:
I have done the calling stage, the AUTH stage - I can’t figure out… :neutral_face:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

So you now understand my struggle LOL. Supposedly you can use a domain wide auth that dosnt require a user to accept the login but I havnt figure that out yet. Google also says that if we want to do an HTTP/REST API call we have to use a JSON Web Token. Attached is the link if anyone can help me/us understand this. https://developers.google.com/identity/protocols/OAuth2ServiceAccount

Devs? @wei @jane @domhnallohanlon Any thoughts?

Thank you in advance.

(I also know that one shouldn’t really tag devs however this is a complex issue and there is no documentation that I’ve found to make this work.)

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Just use zapier. I get calendar event in my app that way around. Works fine.

Do you have an example? I have no idea what zapier is or how to use it. Thank you.

Look om zapier.com.
Difficult to show example. But quiet easy to read.

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Thank you for the suggestion however I need the information from the calendar JSON data hence why I need to call the API.

Dis you ever find a solution?

I have not though I have been inactive for a few months.

I was able to do it with zapier.

My trigger event was Airtable, and the action was google calendar.

It added the user as attendees

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Here is a step by step one…