Happy 3rd Birthday Thunkers! Take a selfie with your favorite app

Dearest thunkers,

Thank you for being part one of the largest communities of app builders in the world (at last count, there are over 750k of you from 171 countries have created apps on the cross-platform alone!)

On Sunday, August 18, we are excited to celebrate the 3rd birthday of the Thunker community and we could find no better way to celebrate than to hear from all of you about what you’ve built on the platform and why it means something to you.

So the ask is simple – take a selfie of you with your favorite app. Post it here or anywhere on the web and tag it with #MadewithThunkable and we’ll repost it wherever we can to amplify your story.

If you can, please include a description and a link to the app itself. Since it is our birthday, we’ll grant free monthly memberships to some of our favorites.

Thanks for thunking with us for 3 years – we hope to be thunking with you for many years to come!
Team @ Thunkable

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But first,
Let me take a selfie.



Happy Birthday Thunkable! :tada: :tada: :cake:

I made an app, Emotion Recognizer

That’s my #Selfie -

(I am only 14 :rofl: )

I’ve also made a tutorial on this app - How to use Emotion Recognizer with Thunkable X

The above link also contains project remix :+1:



Wishing the Beaver a very happy 3rd Birthday! :tada:



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Happy 3rd Birthday!
My Favorite app is Zen Coffee (for reservation of table)


Project Sample


happy birthday

Just wanted to say thanks for making Thunkable X. It is now a full-time hobby for me :slight_smile: It feels great knowing that I can create apps that, 3 + years ago, would have required a developer in both platforms to create. A big part of my younger childhood was associated with Lego’s, and I’m sure many others were too! This is like, the big brother. And in a world where handheld devices are common, it’s a great way to get your ideas out there.

I have made apps for local sports clubs, so they can share photos, keep track of league tables, view match reports and much more. I got fantastic feedback from it! None of that would have been possible without Thunkable X.

So thank you, really.


#Selfie with your App -

@eoinparkinson, U should post it too :smile:

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