HandShake - Touchless | My second published app

Hey Thunkers, I want to show you my second published app, still in development, I believe they are always in development.
It is working 100%, but is slow in older phones, has a lot of JavaScript, which I believe it makes it slow, I still need to figure it out. in the meantime here are the links, some screenshots and the some text explaining it functionality.


Touchless HandShake.
When you Touchless HandShake scan, you will share numbers that could help you understand how interconnected we are and take action.
You and your friend will share how many Touchless HandShake scans you have done in the last 28 days, up to three degrees of separation.
You can review the 28 days of Historical data of first, second, and third Degrees of Separation. Evaluate what you have Touchless HandShake scanned today and in the last 3, 7, 14, 21, and 28 days, giving you information to make real decisions on your life based on the data Touchless HandShake is giving you.
As a way of making this Touchless HandShake scan closer to the joy of being “in touch” with others, you will see in your phone the greeting from the person you are Touchless HandShaking with and will see two new colors “Aura Duo” dancing. The Auras will be created automatically when you Touchless HandShake scan. They represent the unique ID and meaning of the Touchless HandShake scan you just did. Also, the sum of these Aura Duo creates your Aura and your extended Aura.
The sharing between two users with the Touchless HandShake scan are only numbers to help you make the right decisions and colors to give you joy.
We do not collect or share your data.
We do not ask for log-in credentials.
All the data is on your cell phone.
Touchless HandShake is strictly anonymous.


nice ui
dint got last 2 imgs
great app

Thanks @apploro.codert

What do you mean you didn’t get the last two images?

If you go info it will explain it to you.