Guidy Translate

Hello Thunkers,
Would you check my app and give me feedback, please?
It is Guidy Translate same as Google Translate but it needs internet to work. That’s why I am asking Thunkable to add this feature "offline translate"

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Hi @Hayder

How to make frame like yours, l want to make it too

Hi @Hayder,

it qould be great if you provide more details like app screenshots in your #SuccessfullyTHUNKd post :slight_smile:

I have a few suggestions for your app to make it even nicer.

  1. add padding. The text sticks to the border of the screen/arrangement – that does not look too good. Idk if you used the ViewComponent Extension for the elevated box - in this case you could just use the SetPadding block of this extension. Otherwise you might add canvas or arrangements beside the text and set it to a nice width to prevent the text of sticking to the border.

Also I would recommend to use Roboto Font in the App bar but that’s just my taste I guess…

  1. the App bar should always have the same height of 56dp (=56px if your app is set to responsive)

  1. for me when I try to change the language I just get a blank black/blue screen instead of a list:

  1. What I did not like is that after I entered some text for translation, I could not see the result… Even when I tapped enter on the keyboard nothing happened. That’s no good user experience - maybe try Taifuns Textbox extension to remove the keyboard on “enter pressed” event :slight_smile:

ps: @PaserApps this is not Hayders app that you are talking about…?!

cheers, Chris

I’m sorry, that l asked it’ about his another app :grinning:

I think tt’s from another developer :wink:

@PaserApps @Chris, this app is also by @Hayder

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Thanks @domhnallohanlon, That what l said :wink:

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Update 1.2

Use Photoshop

How did u got the shadow background of textbox


Your question is already answered by @Chris in his first reply to the current topic

i have tryed this extension but i did not got shadow backside can y provide an aia on simple shadow box plz