Guidance needed for a meditation app

I am brand new. I would like to create an app where the user selects a mood or they have a specific problem (such as insomnia) and a meditation is played relevant to it. Or, there is a choice of meditations and they pick one.
Would anyone be able to direct me to a lesson to do this?
Thank you

I would recommend you start by looking at the various Navigation Options (draw, top tab, bottom tab) and the associated documentation. Modify the screens to have one for each mood/issue. Once you get that set up, you can look at either the view or audio player documentation (whichever media is relevant). Each of those components has Thunkable documentation that will get you started.

Happy Thunking!


Hey @barbie :wave: welcome to the community.

This sounds like a cool idea for an app - do you have and designs/mock-ups or are you starting from scratch?

Thank you.The design is drawn out and I am starting app from scratch. I have watched some tutorials but am stuck and wondered if there were any lessons of something similar.

Thank you. I will explore.

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