Google sheets data source undefined

Hello, I’ve been encountering problems with the using data source blocks. I’m not sure why but when I try to set the data from the google sheet to the text of a label, the label displays undefined in the web preview. I tried to preview the data in the data tab and the data seems to displaying fine over there.
Just incase I put some screenshots here

I tried retrieving some data from the google sheet

But in web preview, all the label seems to show is undefined, also for some reason the other buttons also display undefined. I’ve replaced the data source block with a normal Text block and all the texts display properly. Hopefully someone can tell me whats wrong.

Hello @creatorsoftomorrow2a Welcome to the community.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to initialize a variable with data source blocks.
You could initialize the variable with a create block and update the variable when the screen opens/starts

Thank you so much! The data seems to appearing with no problem now. Just wondering but is it normal that it takes a few seconds to retrieve the data? Because there seems to a delay during the set variable to get value from Quiz Data (a few seconds), before it runs the function below it.

Hello @creatorsoftomorrow2a
Yes, it is normal to take some seconds to load the data.
The actual time depends on the device and internet connection

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There isn’t any block to detect when the data is actually finish loading right?

Not specifically, but there would be ways to essentially debug the blocks so you could visually see when the data has finished loading.