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I just need to know how to get a variable on Google scripts to a variable on thunkable

What do you mean by “a variable on Google scripts”?

I’m using Google scripts to split text and everything works but I can’t figure out how to get the result onto thunkable. If I use the response block, I either get nothing or a link. @tatiang

So you’re trying to get a value from a Google script using a Google API? How are you attempting that? Can you show a screenshot of your blocks?

There’s a lot of context here that you haven’t shared. I’m having to guess at a lot of things… but I assume you have text in a Google Doc/Sheet/etc. and you’re wanting to manipulate it with a Google script and then export that result into Thunkable… do I have that right?


Sorry for the later response.
I know that the variable names are a bit confusing but it’s just a test for now. What’s supposed to happen is that it checks to see if there is a difference, then if there is, it takes the new things and separates them by the slashes (they’re dates). Right now I’m trying to get the variable 2check to be the same as month just to get the concept, but for some reason it will either give me nothing or a url, and I just want it to be the same as the month variable on Google scripts. And just in case you need it, it doesn’t come from google docs.

I’m so confused and there’s so much you’re not explaining. I’m sorry, I don’t think I can help you with this.

The one thing I can suggest is that if you’re able to have the Google Script populate a Google Sheet cell, then you can easily access that from Thunkable and even use Google Sheet formulas to manipulate the cell value.

Just a word of warning: you pretty much never want a forever loop without a wait block or other delay. It’s likely to crash your app or cause unwanted results, especially when you ask it to do something time-consuming like a Post command.

I hope your script gets more complicated than this. If not; it’s an utter waste of time as those operations are entirely possible without using appscript

this was over a month ago. i knew way less than i do now. i worked on it for about a half hour before i realized it was a stupid solution

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