GoFast Live Tv App With Thunkable

My First ever Live Tv App With Thunkable( Thanks Thunkable : An Easy way to Develop apps)
I Used Many Extensions in my app: Thanks “Developer” for making beautiful and authentic extensions.

It was a tough task but thunkable enable me to get my goal.
App Name : GoFast Live Tv ( Not Published yet in Playstore)
Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/14bn38l9xeh1pab/GoFastLive.apk/file

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Link not work


Sir Link resolved

What extensions have you used? Shouldn’t you give credit to the developers?

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Dear i will write complete about that . Developers are our assets we can not ignore them


Outstanding bro but need to update link
Bro can you provide aia file for learning purpose

Bro above link is working properly.
Contact me on whatsapp +923158170210

Ok bro