Get Value from the starting of numbers

I have been searching this for a long time. So, finally I have to make this topic.

I have a value (eg. 123456789). I want to code that if the value starts with numbers 123 then do specific action. I do not know how to do this.

Any Ideas?

PLease help!

If you want to get a ready-made example, then wait for the responses of others. If you are interested in finding out for yourself, there is a simple algorithm for this:

  1. Spend time and understand how all the blocks work on the block palette
  2. when solving the problem, use a dialog with yourself:

-I have a data string. How do I perform an action if it starts with 123?
-To do this, you need to get the first 3 characters from the string and compare them with 123

-How do I do that?
-You need to find a block that can be used to get a substring from a string

-Okay, what if I need the line to start with 12345?
-Then you need to search for a substring depending on its length

-How do I find out the length of a substring?
-To do this, find a block that returns the number of characters in the string passed to it

and so on.


Thanks @actech,
You have described well. I am going to try this NOW!

What about the case in which I want to delete the last 10 characters of a variable length string? For example, “address” is variable in length, but “state, zip, country” are always the same length and I would like chop those off and just show “street, city.” Thank you for any help. And thank you actech for your demos. They are great.