Get Location not working

I am trying to save location in database using get location (The user is also allowing for location), but in firebase (after saving) it is showing as “Object object”.

Any suggestions what to do?

Can you post a screen shot of your blocks?

The “coordinates” block that you are probably telling the program to save in firebase isin fact an object, composed of other data, like latitude and longitude, so, first, use the command to show what the object is made of (I can’t recall it now), so that you will ask your program to save in firebase the information contained in it, like: “get property “longitude” of object “coordinates””, this will give you the longitude,but to be sureuse the other command that shows you the properties that compose the object in a list(viewer).

Hope I was able to let you understand

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So how will I save the location in firebase?? (I didn’t want to save latitudes and longitudes)

Can you please send a screenshot??

My friend; locations on a map are a point, a point on a bidimensional chart, the chart has coordinates, coordinates are longitude, and latitude.

So, if you have the longitude, and the latitude of a point, you know where it is on the map.

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Thanks, for explaining it to me.
But I am not getting what will be the code for identifying and saving the location of that city and state using those coordinates.

Go in the blocks section, the pink blocks are the ones you have to look at

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