Get Firebase Key from a Block?

Is there some way to get the Firebase API key from a block? I am using the Firebase Realtime database as well as the firebase authentication. Now I want to extend these to include non-thunkable Firebase features using the WebAPI such as reset password. Currently I have to type the API key, which I would rather NOT do, since that would make the API key visible to anyone viewing the project. Any suggestions?

I am also trying to avoid obfuscation-based solutions, like storing the API key in a hard to find place within firebase that could be accessed once the user is authenticated using the hidden thunkable API key. Obfuscation <> Security

You can use the “sign-in” component like this

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Thanks roumak-coder

I guess I missed the Reset Password Block.

But there are many other Firebase setting I would like to change such as:
*Change password
*Re-send email verification
*Update profile
*Get User Data
The list of commands available using the Web API:

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Are you are a PRO member, if yes then you can make your project private else if you’re not then you can create a hidden label, take the value in a variable and then set the api key as the variable.

-Best, Roumak