Get and pars from API Response

This is a continue of anothe question which is now solved.

In the image you can see that i Have “Origin” and “Destination” - These are picked up and parsed successfully.

In between an Origin and Destination there are stops. This image show this too in this path (Leglist,Leg,0,Stops,Stop,0) And the thing i am after is the name. Also this i can pick upp successfully… However there are 16 more STOPs…Between those destinations…

How can i pick upp all 17?

This is what i am using to collect Origin and Destionation successfully
(in the image it is written - “17 of these - only get one”)

Any one has an idea…

It’s best if you post this question at the end of the existing topic or at least link to that topic for context since there’s a relevant solution there. You can find your own topics and posts by clicking on your name in a forum post and then clicking on your name again:


Also, when you post JSON it’s helpful if you post it as text and format it using the </> button in the toolbar to remove smart quotes that the forum software tends to add.

I don’t know about others here but I can’t do much with a screenshot of JSON. I rely on being able to copy the text and paste it into a JSON formatter online.