Game "Ring of fire"

I’m trying to build a well-known drinking game “Ring of fire”.

For that, I already made a spreadsheet with a deck of cards’ data where for each card there is a rule and a picture.

On thunkable, i made a screen with an image, a label and a button. When the screen opens, I want the app choses randomly one card from data and their information appears in their place. After that, the player can press the button “Next player” and it is chosen another card from data, but without considering the card that already appeared.

But I’m struggling with the blocks, and I have no idea how to do that, can you please give me some help?

You will have to create a datasource - either local or Google Sheets and use the Datasource block to retrieve a row using the Get Row Object block. For the row id, you use a variable which contains a random number using the Random integer block.

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