Game Bargains, an App to search multiple sites for best offers on steam keys

Here it is my humble contribute to the community with a simple app, also available on Google Play, which can help you to find the best prices for Steam games. Basically it takes a string as input and it allows the user to choose the site to search from, then it passes a parsed search string to the web browser component. It integrates the new admob feature from the beta program in the case someone needs an example on how to use it.

It has some bugs I can’t resolve: the search box and the spinner should remain always on top but they scroll along with the web browser. The waiting time for a page to load in sometimes too long. I don’t understand if it’s a bug or the site is simply slow, but the same search string copied to Chrome is much much faster.

I hope you like it.
A screenshot:

The app itself:
Games_Bargains.aia (116.6 KB)
Games_Bargains.apk (2.8 MB)

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