Fun Share: Gregorian to Bangla Date Converter

Next time you’re in Bangladesh, you’re going to need this!

this app converts a gregorian date to a bangla date. i tried to follow the rules used by if you consider our gregorian year as a ring with 365 tick marks around it, the bangla year can be imagined as a concentric ring with the same number ticks around it - but displaced by enough ticks such that the bangla year always starts with april 14 of the gregorian year. the number of days in the months of the bangla year is not the same as in the gregorian year but the calendars both have the same total number of days in the year.

obviously the years of the 2 calendars overlap. for example, the current banlga year, 1429, started on april 14 of 2022, so even when the gregorian year has reached then end of december and gone on to 2023 for january, the bangla year still remains at 1429.

the bangla day starts at 6am (not midnight) and my app is initially set to this but it can be turned off as desired.

when leap year comes, we use a different ring, with 366 days. the bangla calendar was adjusted such that the gregorian leap date, feb 29, falls inside the Bangla leap month of Falgun, which normally has 29 days, acquires an extra 1 day during a leap year.

in the capture below, my app shows the conversion of 3/2/2023 to be 17-Falgun-1429 and it matches the today’s date shown in the website’s header row!

here is a snapshot of the website that inspired me to write this app. it’s showing the part of the calendar where March 2, 2023 falls in the Bangla calendar.

here is the project link for remixing


Bro That’s Good Now We wont Miss Purnima! :rofl: :rofl: