Fun Facts About Zodiac Signs 2019


Hello amazing thunkable team & Community around,
I am really happy to announce my life’s first app and i made this using thunkable. I really appreciate the help i got from this community while development and the extensions provided by the team.
Do download the app and provide the rating on play store as its my first app so i may have missed something do tell me the improvements and features you are expecting from me and my APP.

My APP Link its about your zodiac signs and how they behave in some situations plus having some interesting funny facts about all you with specific sun sign. Hope you all like it.

Download Link :

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:iphone: App of the Month: March/April 2019

Some screenshots please


Attached some screen shots for your reference. Please do reply if you like it or not.


Nice UI


keep up nice user interface


It also have some very interesting Facts related to your zodiac signs which are very much true. Give it a try you will definitely enjoy it. And thanks alot for your feedback.