Free Open HTML games (You can add more games)

FreeHtmlGames.aia (1.1 MB)


Can we publish these apps on playstore

Actually they are not mine, they belong to someone, although they are open html games.

so what about giving credit then?
see also
this is how the internet works, else it looks like you have stolen the content from someone…


It was not my intention but you are right.
Here are the page where they were taken from which include the link to the respective game and creator.:


… but won’t there be many of these exact ‘apps’ in the playstore? Are they at least editable in thunkable?

Yes, there are lots of them. It is just an example of how create an app of offline html games with Thunkable. It is a basic example but you can edit it and make your own version.

This app have some problem when I create APK
From AIA then app hangs
But looking good