Football-Manager (Soccer ball) - Available on Google Play

Hello thunkers,
after a test phase of the app it’s now available in Google Play for free download.

A full description of the app features is also available on the google play store entry of the app.

Download Football-Manager App

Screenshots (German language):

Available in app languages:

  • german
  • english
  • spain
  • french

best regards,
Mika :blush:

Tutorials, Snippets, Examples with source files (aia and apk) and much more available on my blog

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Thanks to the beta testers! :slight_smile:
@domhnallohanlon @barreeeiroo @111

and @SeaHay the app is now available :soccer:

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Looking good. :blush:

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Thank you, if you like it, it will helpful if you share it with your friends too :slight_smile: