Flexible length of Input in TextInput?

I have a TextInput element with a short hint text.
When editing contents in that field running the app, the width of that field does not expand, when the contents becomes larger.
I formatted the field with “Fit contents”. I want the TextInput change width depending on the edited contents.
Where am I wrong?

I’m afraid this is impossible.

Personally, I do not understand why this might be necessary? If the field is 1000 characters, then its width will go far beyond the screen area. If the characters are 0, then how do we choose this field with width = 0 px?

You can change the width of the fields in html, but then to exchange data between the Web Viewer and the native part you will have to use Firebase.

You can also change the width depending on the number of characters in it. To do this, you need a button, a monospaced font, and experiments to determine the width of the character.

You can try this:

  1. You enter text in the InputText
  2. Using the timer - text is copied into the Label and the width of the Label is increased
  3. Using the timer - track the change in the width of the Label and assign it the width of the InputText

No, it does not work out that way. But the idea was interesting. You need to know the real size of the width of the text or Label in px.