Firebase Component in Action

Hello thunkers,
I want to start a thread for testing of the firebase component. To my understanding, it is only possible to connect to the private firebase after publishing the iOS App in the App Store.

But I just started testing without using my private firebase, and it worked out of the box :grin:

1.) First limitation, I found was, that our beautiful german symbols (ä, ö, ü, ß) are not supported when using them as key :sweat_smile:

2.) Really nice, to see it work. Next limitation is, that there is no get tag list, like in the android firebase component. That does not matter too much, but it is neither possible to get a parent key from the JSON tree. If I would be able to get the value of the parent JSON node, the I could use the split text components to produce a tag list :wink:

… to be continued

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Hi there –

Just to clarify, you can also connect to your private Firebase DB if you download the app to your phone.

Thanks for letting us know about the german symbols and the request for a taglist. How are you using the taglist?

Albert @ Thunkable

thank you albert for your reply. Unfortunely I belong to the “Oops! Your app Geheimtipp did not build”-email-group.

sometimes I use the get_taglist to make a list for the autocomplete textbox.

the other use-case is not so easy to explain: My firebase is structured actually like a SQL database with multiple rows. get_taglist could give the user the information, which rows exist.

that is also the reason, why I want to download a parent key:

— red
— 200 mph
— 50.000 dollars
— grey
— 100 mph
—45.000 dollars
— …
— …

get_taglist would bring the information: (Ford_Mustang, Toyota_Prius,…)
getting a parent node “Cars” would let me download all these informations at once

I hope this explanation was not confusing

can anybody of the community or development team cheer me up by telling, that his/her iOS project is running on the iphone after downloading?
Or can tell me, tha she or he managed to download the app with firebase components?
(it feels so silent and lonely here on the iOS side of the forum :disappointed_relieved: )
thanks in advance!

Hello @albert , can I ask for your help:

A simple helloworld program is now successfully downloaded, but when I add the firebase component, the app does not built (so the email from steve jeaver said)

Screenshot from 2018-01-31 19-27-49

further testing showed, that a app with no firebase component (no component at all) but the uploaded plist-file was not able to built - strange.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

private firebase now working :slight_smile:

I hope, everybody who uses firebase with thunkable iOS or wants to use it shares their experiences in this thread! :grinning: by using the image component, I use firebase storage as well for showing pictures in the app.

I will start with two issues:

  1. Can I set another parent directory? Now I have to stick to a folder, which I do not how to change…where comes the number from?(I made a black block over it, because I did not know if its sensible data)
    Screenshot from 2018-02-03 14-54-45

  2. How to access data, which I do not know the location?
    If a user uploads a new value, for example “sunshine” under the key “Thursday_June_5_2017”, and another user wants to get the information but cannot know, that it was this distinct date. (There is no taglist, or the possibility to catch the whole parent key in the JSON tree, which would have the name “wheather_in_2017”)

I use this workaround: Everytime a user stores a new key-value-pair, I store a separate value under the key “JSON_tree_Structure”. And this value has to be updated everytime a key-value-pair is written.

with the new update, every location in firebase is reachable. Thanks for that @thunkable !