Finding the correct 'row ID'

A couple things are happening here:

  1. A cloud variable requires a name for the Firebase path to that value. So typically that would be something like “/Users/UserId/data” but you’ve give it a row id which is a string of characters referring to the specific row of a data source. Firebase doesn’t use row ids.

I’m not sure why you’re using cloud variables… you can probably do the same thing with an app variable.

  1. The row id is “out of scope” because you used a green block outside of its function or event block. So the green row id only contains a value inside of the create row block. If you want to use that value outside of it, you need to assign in to a variable.

For the row id value in the update value block, you can use an integer or you can retrieve the row id from the list of values block by selecting “ID” from the column drop-down menu (the one that shows “email” in your screenshot).

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