Figma Design Issue

Hi guys !

I am writing to tell you that I have been able to test @jared 's solution of superimposing two layers of “groups” in order to swap them with the “visible” blocks. It gives great results and really allows me to give the expected rendering.

However, I still have the problem that @muneer pointed out concerning the elements that become invisible… I have this problem when I modify an element in Figma and I want to re-import the frames in Thunkable. At that moment some elements disappear and even if I reimport several times, nothing does… The only workaround I found is to go back in the “My Projects” tab, to duplicate my application and there, everything comes back to normal… Not super convenient but as long as I don’t lose my blocks, everything’s fine ^^

Anyway, thank you both for your help. This allowed me to better understand the advantages and limitations of this super tool with which I enjoy learning about the world of application development.

See you soon.

p.s: I plan to move quickly to post my app in #shareyourprojects


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