Escaping special characters in app name

The new cross platform version of Thunkable fails to build iOS apps if the app name has a special character such as & and '. I tried using \ to escape contractions but it didn’t seem to work. ex: contraction\'s would fail to build.

This problem of building with special characters is documented here:

But what if a special character is needed? Is there a recommended way to escape these characters?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

There are rules for naming different objects. For programming, this is the norm to follow the established rules. For example, in Windows, you cannot use ^ and otherspecial characters in file names. And if these characters need to be used? And for what? Your customer will fine you 100$ if you don’t call the project the way he wants?

Thanks for the quick response! My concern is that say the client is Ben & Jerry’s. But I put “Ben and Jerrys” so it builds. Would I be able to revise this later and set the app name in both the App Store & when it is on the Homescreen to “Ben & Jerry’s”. I was under the impression that the name used in the app build is what will appear on homescreens. Are my assumptions incorrect?

I assumed that your application is called something like this. Unfortunately, I do not know the answer to your question.

For example, take the well-known trademark Metro Cash & Carry. The address of their website ( and the name of the application in the App Store does not match the name, but there is nothing wrong with that, because the user sees the logo and description of Metro Cash & Carry and immediately understands that this is the Metro that need to.

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This is a current limitation on Thunkable ✕. We have an entry for this in our internal issues queue, though it is not currently high on our priority list, I’m afraid.


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