Enable/Disable Stack Navigator Gestures

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using the Stack Navigator quite a lot in a recent project. Gestures by default are supposed to be set to disabled, but they seem to be enabled by default. Toggling the switch twice from disabled → enabled → disabled on all screens solves this.

image image

I had initially thought gestures meant something else as changing this didn’t work, but I believe it to be a bug? I thought I’d post here just in case anybody experiences the same issue in the meantime.



you told us about a particular case of a General problem - the initial position of the switch does not correspond to the initial value. What exit do I see? Learn and know how to apply the properties in an enabled state. If something is not working correctly, you need to turn on/off the switch as you wrote for off.

Hi @actech,

I agree it is a very particular problem. This post was initially to be a question on why it wouldn’t work, but I then discovered that switching the switch back and forth appeared to fix it. I think the general idea of this post was for other members who encountered the same problem to search the issue and hopefully see this post.

Do you think this is intended? What other actions do you recommend I take?


I don’t think that the developers specifically made it so that users were inconvenienced to work.Why don’t developers fix this and make it more convenient? This is another question that I don’t know the answer to.

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