DVL start from end

Hello everyone
Please, make the DVL start from end then users can scroll up just like any chat app “WhatsApp” or “Messenger” because I am tired looking for how to sort Google sheet in real-time.
I hope I can see this simple and powerful feature in Thunkable StP and DnD.
Please guys. Is it hard to make DVL start from bottom/end?

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Hi, i must’ve missed it, can you give me a rough idea of how you are looking to sort your Google sheets data? An example would help.

I agree the bottom-top option would be a great add :+1:

If I have a list on Google sheet:

  1. Hello
  2. Hello
  3. How are you doing?
  4. Doing well. Thanks
    This data on Spreadsheet must be sort to make the last value is the first one so DVL can view it.

The problem is that I tried many ways: Changing the script of googlesheet, adding another sheet that is sorted, sorting from data … etc. All these things fail to sort my data.
If DVL has the option of “Start from end” just like WhatsApp chat and users can scroll down instead of scroll up the NO need to work around with Spreadsheet to sort the data.

I’d like to propose a solution for sorting - If you have a column which has row IDs (numbers 1 … n), you can use the GVIZ query language’s OrderBy clause to get descending sorted data.

I agree, a start from end option would be of a lot of help :+1:

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I do have row id but does it sort the rows in real-time when we send values to spreadsheet.

I have tried many codes in script and formula but it sorts the rows only when I add in spreadsheet but not when I send.

Yes, GVIZ works realtime - let’s say you update your spreadsheet with data A and then call a gviz query just after it, chances are it would return you data A too, as gviz generally works very fast.

Browse around on google, there are a bunch of articles on GVIZ queries, you’ll get a rough idea :+1:

Edit : what do you mean by “not when i send”?

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Thanks a lot buddy for your reply.
I mean when I manually add value to googlesheet the code in script can sort my data according to ID column but when I add data to spreadsheet via my app (send values to spreadsheet) sorting will not work at all.

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Alright; I think GVIZ is very efficient and fast in accessing your google sheets, so no matter the way you create data in your spreadsheet, it will fetch it.

Prepare an appropriate query according to your needs, and add the order by clause to sort accordingly. Let me know if any clarifications needed :+1:

Would you tell me please how to use if I have a sheet with 5 columns I want to sort them according to the last colmun.

What is GVIZ?
Where can I set it in googlesheet?