Drag and Drop documentation mentions Fonts & Create/Clone blocks

The Fonts and the create and clone blocks are not visible but in Release notes they have told that they are there.


Cloning is definitely not possible yet in the drag and drop interface. Can you post a link to the release notes where you’re reading that?


Hmm your right.
Maybe @domhnallohanlon can help?

As @tatiang mentioned already, cloning is not possible in the drag-and-drop interface.

I hope @Thunkable_Staff can make this possible in the future so it will be helpful for users who like to use the drag-and-drop.

No @manthan_patil is right i also see it in the docs.

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I must’ve missed it then. Where do the docs say it?

At the bottom of the docs in the Any Component section

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Thank you for the link. You’re right – that does show Clone blocks for the drag and drop interface. That’s a mistake.