Displaying the texts from the picture similar to the one from the textbox

How do I make the textbox in my app display this license plate number exactly like the one shown in the picture above?

What do you mean? Are you wanting to use that exact font?

Or are you wanting to use OCR to read the letters and numbers in the image and convert it to text?

I am wanting the use the OCR to read the letters and the numbers and convert them into text but it doesn’t display the license plate fully, what should I do?

You need to use a better OCR service. You’ll probably need to pay for it to get a good one.

There’s another topic here where I discussed OCR and the exact problems you’re having. I can’t find it at the moment but if I do, I’ll post here. There’s really nothing you can do in Thunkable to improve this problem. You need better OCR.

Edit: Here it is: OCR API and search results don't show expected output - #42 by tatiang

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