Day of The Dead App #MadeWithThunkable + Aframe ( Virtual Reality App)

Hello Thunkers!

On the following days we celebrate Day of The Dead in Mexico :slight_smile: (It’s like Halloween but with better food… kidding! ) I wanted to celebrate with everybody by making a Virtual Mural :slight_smile:

Here is the medium post with all the details:

The basic idea is that you make your own sugar skull. You decorate it with the canvas tools brush and stamps ( There’s even a beaver mask inspired by Thunkable’s Mascot which I don’t know if it turned out cute or creepy… I’ll let you guys decide)

Happy Thunking!

Scan the QR code to see it on your phone →


Looks cool! I can’t get past the Instructions screen on my iPhone or a web browser to create my own. And in the VR gallery, I just see this… is it correct or do I need a special viewer?


It is correct, if you allowed the app to use the sensors on the phone it should move around when you move your cellphone. On a computer, you can move around with the arrow keys and mouse :slight_smile:

If that isn’t working it is due to a setting in your browser :slight_smile:

Aaand I’ll check what is going on with the instructions. I think it’s a bug with the English version of the instructions. I will take it out and update it later :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me know!


Thanks. It didn’t ask me any permissions questions on my phone or in the browser. And yes, I did use the English instructions.

I was able to move around in the browser with my mouse (click & drag). I just wasn’t sure if the masks were supposed to look so small and if there was a way to zoom in.

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@Sofia Amazing!!!


if made with thunkablex then how?