Data Viewer Grid

hi everyone, I tried the results display grid from the airtable, but every time I make a new post, the results will be displayed below from the previous post, is there a way to display the results of the latest posts at the top, like in general an application

The answer to this question has already been given on the forum. To solve this problem, you need to manually fill in the DataSource and the list that allows you to insert entries at the beginning.

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thank you actech, if i enter a new list from the airtable i will make it in the top column, but what i want from each user is to be able to enter data directly through the application

The easiest way is the slowest - you need to add a new row, then move all the entries down one entry, and update the first row with a new value. Other methods, including using the list, AirTable REST API are more complex