Data Stored as List of Lists in Firebase

Helo Guys,
I have an App made in Classic Thunkable, where data is stored as a list of lists.

My question is: in Thunkable X its possible to work this way?

This is the way I work on classic:

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Hi @xcmdirector - have you tried using the Object blocks with this?

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Using Objects to write data to Firebase I have this result:

And then if I try to read this data on Thunkable Classic I can´t get the data fields.

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If I need to store a list I use the make ListFromText block in the list drawer and change it to make TextFromList. Then when I call the data I use that same block but set it to make ListFromText. It works like a dream.

Hello there, @xcmdirector :wave:

The Red box u highlighted above, is it okay for u as Storing Data?
Then I’ll try solving your problem according to your answer :smile:

Thanks! :smile:

Hello Kartik,
the red box is the data writen by the Thunkable X, and for me the best will be if data was written like in the others records.


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The data stored in those other items (the way you want them formatted) are json, so you should probably use the “generate json from object” block when you write to Firebase and it will store them as a json string rather than as individual objects under the key.

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@Kyle_Williams thank you so much!
I think its working as I need.
I will do some more tests.


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Just a note that I recommend using Cloud Variables rather than the Realtime Database component to store to and retrieve from the Firebase Realtime DB. Behind the scenes they use the Firebase Realtime Database to store their values (and use your provided Firebase API key and URL) but they are much simpler to use (e.g., no 'then do' slots are required)! The name of the Cloud variable ends up being the Firebase key. See the documentation for Cloud Variables here for more details.



Hi, @xcmdirector! :wave:

So, do u want to store from Thunkable X & read some data fields on Thunkable Classic, right?


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So, u have cleared the first step - storing from Thunkable X. :smile:

For the reading of data, You need to have a specific project bucket name - not random letters.
What on earth are Project buckets?
Answer – those random data titles, in the below image, “qwetbdszfgbjyui32s9ghathbfgh”
are known as project buckets. (in easy language, the title for a group of fields/tags.)

I currently don’t know how to set Project buckets from Thunkable X…
Anyone can help over here?

Thanks :smile:

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HI. i want to display status on app. for that i want to update the current status on firebase manually. how to enter the value on variable on firebase, when i call on app it should show the changed details

Hey Mark,

When using the cloud variable to store data in Realtime DB, I’m having trouble figuring out how to separate the data by user. Is this even possible or is cloud variable meant to only be completely universal? Using the Realtime component, I’m able to create multiple sub-buckets using a “/”, to separate by user, but I’m having trouble making this work with cloud variables. Any advice?

Hey @kidd7061, I was just asking @Mark about this recently. I wasn’t able to get a response fast enough so i decided to figure this out myself.

See the answer to your question here!!!

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Wild! I was just reading your post about it before I saw your reply. I’m studying your post now.

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Hey @kidd7061, I just started building another app using this idea.

Here is how I am handling all of the different paths that I am using. It got confusing after 3.

anytime i create an actual function/method. I always name them func.CorrespondingFunctionName to avoid confusion.