Data from the app not showing in firebase

Hi there,

I’m trying to send the app data to Firebase’s Realtime Database. I know it’s synced up to the app because I can see users’ authentification records in the project, but the data I send through the app isn’t showing in the database at all, despite me having refreshed several times. And the app isn’t redirecting me to the screen I specified either. I set the rules of the database to auth != null .

Attaching a screenshot of my blocks. Could something be causing a problem on firebase’s end or is it a mistake I made in the blocks?


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Did you try settings both the reading and writing rules to ‘true’?

Yes - with the same result.

If you are setting rules then you have to login first using Sign In component. This is the where the {auth} is being set to the signed in user ID.

I have logged in - through the Login screen. Screenshot of login process:

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I think it’s time to put that ‘error’ block (from the purple save block) as the text of a label, temporarily. Hopefully that’ll be informative! It often is!


which label?

It doesn’t matter. You just need a label on the screen that you can see, so that you can SEE the error. Or do an alert.

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Is your top-level key in the database is “FOODS”?

Your save block seems odd. It will save a single key with a single value and will keep overwriting it. Is this intentional?

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