Custom Nav Bar?

Is there any way to create a custom navigation bar that remains static on a scrollable screen? I don’t want to use the navigator provided by thunkable. Also each screens navigator will be specific to the screen. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a nav bar. If i could make a list of icons in a layout or group remain static on a scrollable screen that would be fine as well.

@mikediaz ,Yes, its possible
you have to divide your screen in two rows, 1st upper one for navbar, make your navbar inside this row, and add height: fit-contents to it, so that the navbar become of fixed size
In the second row component, make your app, as you wanted, but make sure, to add scrollable: true to the row, and you can also give some margin top to the second row, so that it leave some space from nav

Important note: Add scrollable: true to the second row not to the whole screen

If this solved your problem, then please mark this issue as solved and if you have any more query, then you can aks again

Thanks for the response! What would I use to split them? The Layout component?

@mikediaz You can do the same thing in Drag and Drop projects using the Layout component. Your top container for the menu would be one Layout and the body of the screen would be another Layout. Setting the properties of the second Layout as scrollable will allow you to achieve the “fixed” menu you’re looking for.

Sample Project

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You guys are great! I have one more question that’s completely irrelevant to this thread. I am creating an AI Image Generation application, and I am trying to start an API call on one screen, then complete the API call on the other. Is this possible on thunkable?

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