Creating a list with numbers and make an average Out of them

Hello together : )
I am a total beginner and i have a problem and i would be super happy If anyone could help me.
I have created an app where i calculate a simple equation. The result (Endergebnis) is shown on Screen 1.
Now i would Like to:

Add the results from Screen 1 to a list in screen 3. I want to calculate the equation 10 times with different inputs and
show an average of the the results beneath/in the list. Is this possible?
Have a nice weekend and thank you in advance ; )

Just add each result to a variable called Sum. Then, to find the average, divide Sum by ten.

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Thank you tatiang for your quick respond, i somewhat understand your solution but i just don’t know how to execute it in thunkable. Could you maybe show me how and where i should put the fitting blocks to my code?
I’m sorry, i am an absolute beginner and for this example i didn’t found any tutorials.
Have a nice sunday;)

There are lots of examples available. I would recommend Googling sum Thunkable to get started. Or better yet, average Thunkable. It looks like there’s a recent example at the top of the search results.

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