Created new apps.. If found any problems suggest solutions 😜 because I have done my best

Hey everyone…
I created a cool application :sunglasses: with thunkable…
Check it out… Please rate
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Dual - This & That!
@Taifun @Mika please help with …
I added 2 web viewer on 1 screen and I need web viewer 1 back pressed & web viewer 2 back pressed… Block…
Is that possible? Check the application and suggest me the idea.
Thank you



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It would be great…
I am new to thunkable and there are many problems on the application… So I want the solution :expressionless:

Additional screenshots :sweat_smile:

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there is only one Screen.Backpressed event
but what about checking, if webviewer1 is visible or not?
PS: see also the comunity guidelines

As you can see on screenshots… Both web viewer must be visible and what I want is if (when back pressed) user last touched on webviewer1 then webviewer1 go back and webviewer2 stay as it is… Or if(back pressed) user last touched webviewer2 then webviewer2 go back and webviewer1 stay as it is. If there is any way to do so, please please

What you think about a button to switch between the two webviewer? You can also set them in an arrangement (little big than webviewer) so when you switch you can change background color of arrangement (you see only a colored border) that show to the user the active webviewer. In this way you can set a if control.

Thank you…
Good idea :sweat_smile:

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