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:raised_hands: ive tried bringing this up before. Felt like staff tried to shut it down when they mentioned they were unaware (or something like that) of momentjs / Luxon

The crazy part to me is the need for a library like this when building apps. Parsing seconds since 1970 into juman readable time manually sucks. Especially when considering leap years and crossing timezones. Not impossible but takes a lot of work.

Thunkable is built on react native. There is a moment library for react native. The platform could be even more powerful by adding this in. Plus, it’s a tiny library so it wouldn’t be a lot of extra weight on the apk/ipa


I posted it previously under this title

It has all the info including the .html content.

I hear you @jared but at least we can do such workarounds even though I’m not fan of Web Viewer as it is heavy and too much for such a tiny piece of code.

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Yep. I feel the same. Glad it’s there but I’d prefer a nicer/more elegant solution. (Like creating our own blocks perhaps and tying in libraries. Ya know, bring back extensions)

I’m sure it’s a lot of work but probably not impossible. Even a “run JavaScript” block would be nice with the ability to output custom object lists. It be nicer if they could draw elements on the screen but I feel at this point it may be a lot to ask for just a run JavaScript function block.

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Do any of you think that (or any part of the above) may be an option in the future? It would make what’s possible now turbocharged to be able to run custom JavaScript let alone paint elements on the screen or better yet, create our own blocks (in RN or JavaScript) and visual elements (already close on this one with figma imports)


There will be no extensions as Apple doesn’t allow them.

Well that is a bummer. It would still be nice to have a more organized way to run these kind of functions. And @jared, a custom block creator would be really cool. I think back to the LEGO MINDSTORMS my blocks.

That’s only 1 option.

I would be pumped to see a run custom JavaScript box allowing for imports.

Since I have no idea what that is I can’t comment on whether that could be possible or not.

Since we can Already execute custom JavaScript within the web viewer sending and receiving data back-and-forth. It would be nice to see S bypassed the problem of adding the web you are adding the HTML linking to that HTML and then sending data back-and-forth that way.

It would be nice if we could I have a block that would just run the JavaScript within the block editor somehow