Count days (date)

Hi, I wanted to know if there is a way to count the days since a date… I was looking at some topics but I didn’t understand, I want the user to start counting the days, months, years, hours and minutes when they enter the application… Let it begin counting using the real-time date and time.

It’s helpful if you link to topics you’ve read so that we know what to suggest. Here are a couple you might find helpful:

The calculation of two times
Duration between hours on different days

If you get stuck, post a screenshot of the blocks or code you’ve tried and ask a specific question.

I haven’t tried anything yet, I don’t even know where to start. I need to calculate the days, example: The person accessed the application for the first time on 12/12/2023. When the person accesses it again on 01/12/2024, it will have counted one month, understand? And so on, I want to count the days.

I managed to count the date, but there is a problem: Depending on the dates, the result is negative…


This is not the method used in either of those topics I linked to above. You need to go back and follow that advice.

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Sorry but I didn’t understand the content of those links you sent, I just want to know how to avoid negative numbers. How do I reverse them.

You use absolute value. Or if (number) < 0 then multiply (number) by -1.

I got it, thank you

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You’re welcome. You can mark a topic as solved by clicking the checkbox:


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