Coordinates comparation

Im creating an app and I need to comparate coordinates…
As in, I used a Location Sensor to display (when pressed a button) latitude and longitude, now I need to have it compare it with other coordinates that I will previously off the app.
The idea is once the user arrives a certain location, the app will display a message!

Can someone give me any advise? the message isn’t being displayed…

do you mean that if i set coordinates on a map lets say at the top of a mountain, and i use the app to let me know once i have reached that exact location at the top?

So it compares my current location to the one that i set on the map?

Yes, something like that!
The thing is, I didnt set it on map, I typed in the coordinates range (Im not sure if this makes much sense Im new to thunkable…) inside an IF/ELSE.
This is for a projecto that Im testing, not use if I will do it this way (cause Im not exactly sure if this is reliable) or I may be using Beacons (thats Im still trying to understand how well it works with thunkable).

I can provide a print of the Block section of my project if it is of any help!

Im sure you could make variables of current lat and lon and when a timer goes off every second compare them to the set variables for lat and lon of the marker.

The only issue is that you must be precisely on the location. So unless you can make it have a leeway then i am slightly unsure on how to attempt something like that.