Convert Classic to X: sprite properties

Z property of sprites is essential for my app, will this feature be available in Thunkable X?

Thanks for the request @Luc

Can you give us a little more detail please regarding how you use this property in your app, i.e. what your app is about and why you feel the Z property is essential.

This will help us understand if there is an existing alternative or if this should be added to our to-do list.


The app allows for executing/simulating ILS approaches on airports that are not equipped with Instrument Landing Systems.
The main instrument is called a HSI (horizontal situation indicator), which shows various indicators, physically rotating/moving about, in front of or behind one another. See also the attached screenshot.
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@Luc sorry for the delay getting back to you.

Another user, @Sofia, has found a work-around for a similar issue that I think can be helpful for you:

Hey @Luc!!

There isn’t a solution in this current deploy of Thunkable online but you can achieve a z-order by uploading and arranging your sprites by order. To do this I recommend:

  1. Having a list or the pattern you want your sprites to go.

  2. Then use the dummy sprite that comes with canvas and duplicate it several times.
    (The first part of your dummy sprite is like the ‘master’ and in there you add all the pictures, it’s like the category. And the second part or the ‘child’ is where you customize every image you intend to use as a sprite in height, width etc. You can duplicate this as much as you like.)

  3. Working your way from the back to the front add sprites and resize them accordingly.

May take a while but it’s worth it. To make it easier to understand I uploaded a picture of my component tree :slight_smile:

If you need any help feel free to contact me!


This is helpful, I will further explore the canvas/sprites possibilities, that initially didn’t provide me the features I use in Classic. Seems to me that further work on X is being taken care of.
I wish I could convert my project from Classic to X, saving me from re-entering thousands of blocks, let alone the redesign due to different concepts.

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