Convert a timestamp in a date and time

I have here a timestamp like 1593538006.
How can I convert this into a day.month.year hour:minute:second in thunkable.
kindly regards for any answer.

Hello @haiflosse,

If you are trying to set this to be a label, you can use the “Join” block found under the “Text” category in Thunkable to join the current Day, Month, Year, Hour, Minute and Second by joining what text you between each and using the “current” block which can be found under the “Device” section of your app. You can then have your app set a label to this information. However, if you want any date, you would have to have the Days, Months, etc. separated out to join them.


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Thanks for your answer.
But how can I calculate from 1593538006 the correcte date and time.
1593538006 = 30.6.2020 19:26:46
kindly regards

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