Compare two list get true or false

hi friend’s,
I have two lists want to create 3rd list from this two list.
List1 is 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
list 2 is 6,3,8,1,4
my 3rd list should be
index1 is 1 Completed.
index2 is 2 Not Completed.
index3 is 3 Completed.
index4 is 4 Completed.
index5 is 5 Not Completed.
index6 is 6 Completed.
index7 is 7 Not Completed.
index8 is 8 Completed.
index9 is 9 Not Completed.
please help me someone thank you.

I don’t understand what you mean by “index1 is 1 Completed” and “index2 is 2 Not Completed” etc. Can you explain this more and give some examples?

Are you trying to determine which numbers are in both lists? Also, it helps if you use quotes to represent text strings. I’m not sure if you want the first list item to be “index1 is 1 Completed” or “1 Completed” or “Completed”.


I just realized we’ve already helped you with this. Please don’t start a new topic for the same issue. You can post this question on your original topic:

@jared perhaps you can merge the two topics? Thanks!

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