Color converter (RGB, HEX, any)

Hello all,
I’m trying to make a color converter, but the “split color” was removed from Thunkable X. Does anyone know how to convert color to text?

Not sure what you mean but here are three ways you can assign color to an element:

If you wonder how you can convert hex to rgb and the other way around, you can easily use an online service or check the color conversion when setting the color of any element:

Does this help?

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No, i got color from canvas and want to convert it in the RGB or HEX code but no idea how to do it without “split color”


What happens if you set the label 1 text property to the color?

I can`t put it there

Try creating a variable. Put the color in the variable, then set the text to the variable.

If that blows up, try putting a GENERATE JSON FROM OBJECT block between the text property and the variable.

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Unfortunately, this did not help. It is not possible to put the color in the object CONVERT OBJECT TO JSON


Here is a link to a remixable project illustrating how to get the color from a visible component as well as a few screen shots




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That’s cool, thank you very much.

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