🐱 Check out Creattie on Product Hunt

Last week LottieFiles announced their $37M Series B raise so it’s probably safe enough to say that our favourite JSON-based animation file format isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Enter stage left: Creattie

What is it?

According to their Product Hunt page Creattie is:

[t]he world’s first premium Lottie library. Customize and download curated Lottie animations, as well as other vector artworks in a few clicks.


Why is it useful to Thunkers?

They have a ton of free and paid resources, including icons and animations and the Lottie file format is natively supported by our Animations component

Check it out, and if you like it - upvote it :+1:


Are there plans to create start and stop blocks for the Animation component? I would find Lottie files more useful if I had some control over them.

See this: How can you start an animation from an event?

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Not that I know of @tatiang - my usual use case for Lottie is a loading or splash screen so typically doesn’t need start/stop control, and in the less-usual case of needing to only show the animation loop once I use the same sort of approach as you’ve proposed here

I can check about this for you, but since it’s more of a “mild annoyance” rather than a “show stopper” issue it probably won’t get precedence over bugs etc.

Can you tell me a bit more about your use case? How are you currently using animations?


One use is to show a loading animation when the user searches data. Some API calls or even sophisticated Google Sheets/AirTable/Firebase calls can take a few seconds so I’d like to start an animation when that happens.

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That makes sense - would show/hide work for that?




It can. In some cases, I like to start an animation at the first frame rather than in a random spot but as you said, it’s not a major issue. Just would be nice.


If what I do for that helps you, I’ll share my trick:
I download Lottie as .gif, then using:
Change GIF Loop Count - Online GIF Tools
I just edit that .gif to loop only once, crop it or whatever I want to look my animation as I desire. :innocent:
Of course, that is not a Lottie animation component anymore, but an image… but hey, the result is what I’m interested in, right ? :blush:
But for waiting until some operation takes place, @domhnallohanlon work is the right choice… show/hide some animation when it needed.
I’m doing the same:


Yes, I’ve used a GIF in place of a Lottie file as well. Thanks.

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Here’s an interesting and informative thread discussing these two file formats!

Of course used case will dictate what you use in the end, information is always helpful in making those decisions.


I totally agree that Lottie animations are way better than .gifs in terms of quality and size. Totally
But, when it comes to use in my apps, I personally found that i can arrange .gifs better to fit my design, as i can edit any .gif cropping or whatever I want. Beside downloading few Lotties for free, all good Lotties are payed. And for editing a Lottie you need to pay too (i think, didn’t found yet another way to do it). I personally don’t like an animation with huge background that I’d like to crop it, and so on.
But that’s just me and my thoughts. Just discovered Lottie and maybe I’ll find how to use it better in the future.