Chat app In Thunkable drag and drop

Hi @asmisethi9585oy

See more here:


Hello ,@domhnallohanlon

I am very new to this and I really want to complete this project.
but I have no idea about cloud variable
I researched and tried using it but I am not able to complete
I have also seen this
Replace GET or SAVE Blocks with cloud variables - Thunkable Discuss - Community
But it is out of mind
Please Help!

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Please help

Have you checked out the docs IT explains how to Use Them.

Yes I have seen it
But it does not have the answer to my question
Can you suggest something ?

I’m sorry - could you tell us your question again? I don’t see an answerable question in here. I’d like to help, but I’m not sure where you need help!


Hello Guys!
I am making an app and I tried the new Thunkable drag and drop UI. Now I have completed the app almost but now I want to make chat but there is no real-time database element I tried with cloud variables but I cannot make it. Can you help me chat solution?

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This is a copy of the original topic.
Your qeustion is how to create a chat app. Right? if so Use cloud variabeles.
Maybe show your blocks so we can see whats wrong with Them.


Hi there,

This realtime DB block is the same as this cloud variable block:

And this realtimeDB block is the same as this cloud variable block:

I am using dynamically named variables here, so you don’t even need an initialize block!

Does that help you understand how to use cloud variables instead of the Realtime DB component in your Drag and Drop project?


Hi thanks!
it helped me a lot can you tell me where to find the purple one block (realtime db)


that block can only be found in the legacy UI.
if you want to use the DnD UI then use @jane her example with cloud variables.


Hello @jane
Your example helped can you help me locate the “in Realtime DB” block.
the purple block?

The purple realtime DB block is not available in the drag and drop UI.

You need to use cloud variables in the drag and drop UI.

That comment demonstrates how these blocks can complete exactly the same actions of uploading and getting values to/from a Firebase media DB.


Hi There is realtime db1 in thunkable drag and drop ??

This was answered right above your post.

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Ok sir

how to connect firebase then?

In the settings of your app.
Click the little Gear icon in the left drawer where you switch tabs to create a new table etc.

I know how to connect firebase.I’m asking how to connect firebase to the cloud variable.

There are links and videos about this here: