Changing DataViewer Time UTC to CST

I have a subtitle to pull a date and time for an event but when its live its in UTC is there anyway I can automatically have it shown in CST??

Please see the attachment
Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 6.38.46 PM

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Dataviewer JUST shows the data in the table you’ve linked it to. If you want it to display something else, you’ll need to get that data into the table. Could you add a new column with the date formatted the way you want it? Unfortunately, Thunkable’s data processing abilities are pretty limited. I’d recommend a bit of javascript in a webviewer to rewrite the dates, but I’m not quite sure how that fits in with your dataviewer process.

Your best bet might be to fix the dates in the source, depending on what the source is.


China Standard Time
Chungyuan Standard Time
Central Standard Time (Australia)
Central Standard Time (North America)

which one you want?

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