Change value on firebase

I have linked my app to firebase successfully and can view the data on my app. I want to enable users of my app to change a particular value on the application.
For example:
On firebase I have
And I want the users to be able to add a number on that value. I have attached a ss of my blocks and have no idea what I’m doing wrong. Please help!!


Value is a local variable whose value is defined only inside the block containing it

I declared a global variable “Balance” and then stored the firebase balance value as Balance. Now i did the addition to the global variable and then stored this variable as the firebase value of Balance. It still isn’t working

Have you enabled permission to write data to Firebase?

Do you see the “error” variable in the blocks? I recommend that you always display the value of this variable on the screen. Otherwise, if an error occurs, it will be very difficult for you to understand what is happening.

I will say more precisely - compile all the algorithms with error handling. In the documentation and on the forum, users often do not do this and spend a lot of time and effort on something that could be understood in 3 minutes if they were doing error handling.

To effectively search for errors, use global variables such as “clouds” and listeners for them with the output of the results in a multi-line “Label”. Then you can control the values.

For example, the “error” block, you can just assign the variable “cloud”