Change Playback speed of video

Hello Thunkable community,

I would like to request a new feature for the Video component: the ability to change the playback speed of a video.This would be a very useful feature for a variety of applications, and as of now are there any workarounds to achieve the goal?

Thank you

Hello @tanishq :wave:
Thank you for sharing this feature, it sounds very useful to have.
Could you please tell us more about the application you are building?
It will be easier this way to find a workaround.

Hi Ioannis,

Thanks for your response. I’m building a cricket LBW checker. This application analyzes videos of LBW dismissals to assist with umpiring decisions.

For precise analysis, I need the videos to be played back in slow motion. Having the ability to adjust the playback speed within the Video component would be incredibly helpful for this functionality.

I’d be grateful if you could suggest any possible workarounds to achieve slow-motion playback until the feature is implemented.

Thanks again for your help!

Consider using a Cloudinary video transformation such as acceleration that is mentioned here: Video Transformations | Cloudinary