Can you help us promote our apps

write your app name with hashtag and link where we can download it #Let’spromoteourapps

Welcome to this community pingoteam! :smiley:

We have a category for that! :smiley:
Its called #SuccessfullyTHUNK’d :slight_smile:



thanks so much Nice_Kode4

can you download my app please
it is called tts pingoteam on the playstore

Maybe post some images and description to your app together with a link.

thanks so much

you can use tappx
it is completley free

yeah but i cant get points to promote my app without monetizing for others and it needs a code and i cant enter any code in thunkable.

Hey @pingostudios - long time no see, great to have you back!!

I’m not entirely sure what points you’re referring to - can you explain a little more please?

We have a hashtag for that now - it’s #MadeWithThunkable and it has lots of great examples, particularly from our hackathon participants.

And just to elaborate a little on what Phillip suggested