Can you change the UI of a project to StP instead of DnD

Hi, can you change the user interface to StP, like if you started a proyect with the Drag and Drop UI and you want to change the UI to StP can you? or you have to start a new proyect and select StP? or how can you manage the UI?
thank you :slight_smile:

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Hey @sof101

Unfortunately, at this time, that is not possible nor will it likely ever be possible. Our goal is to continue to drive towards DnD and to (at some point in the future) discontinue StP. There’s a lot of work to happen before then, but it’s bound to happen eventually.


okay thank you, and if you discontinue StP how will it be posible to adjust the size of elements to percentages? that’s why I wanted to change the UI of a project to StP instead of Drag and Drop cause you can’t change the size of elements to percanteges so it fits different screens is there another way to do it in Drag and Drop?


I’m sure it will. StP will not discontinue soon anyway.