Can We Use Js or HTML in thunkable

Hi ,
In a few topics i saw that people added js and html files to the project. Exactly How does this work

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I think it depends on what needs to be implemented

Well suppose i need to put a javascript file
is it possible

you can refer to the js file of interest that is located in the cloud storage and get the necessary response from it with the result of execution

sorry for my bad english

to do so

You can use the Web Viewer component to execute JS or HTML file.

See this as a reference

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Suppose i have js code so how to add , couldnt understand properly , can you show code

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here is an example, a link is formed, the code is executed on the network, the result is returned to you in the form of a vCard

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Ok Thank you

I made a similar trivial implementation, only with a barcode generator, if interested, I can show

Yes sure

Thank you. This is actually the project I posted in the previous post for him to see. I made it available as an example. However, this is using open link.

See this sample project to display the date/time and timezone. This is with the use of Web Viewer.