Can I trigger an in app event from a ble module?

How might I get the app to speak when I hit the play button on a bluetooth device? If you have a look at the code, you’ll see that I have it to do so when the phone is shaken hard. Anybody have any ideas? Thank you!

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Ps. PLease don’t be shy with the questions… ask away.

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Which section of the code is this in? You have pages and pages of blocks so it’s hard to know.

Can you explain the cause and effect in more detail? It’s not clear what the connection is between the bluetooth device (what kind of bluetooth device?) and the phone being shaken.

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Unfortunately, I can’t remix the project right now:

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Tatiang, thank you for your help. Section the code. Got it. Learning.

The connection is that I made it easy to trigger the app to speak a verse by calling a couple functions. First it captures the Moment and then it Prepares it for development where it will then Play on the screen, speak/notspeak, etc:

Instead of (When Provider is Shaking), is it possible to use magic to use the

I’d like to have a similar Block that would link to the play button on a Bluetooth speaker or a Bluetooth remote like this one:

Can you help me by making a block like that? Thank you!

I just closed my editor, would that make a difference?

I only wish I knew magic…

What I’m understanding now is that you want text to speech to play when you press play on a physical bluetooth speaker/remote.

I have not done much with bluetooth and Thunkable. Someone else may be able to help you. But hopefully my questions at least prompted you to explain it more fully and provide a screenshot which should help anyone else who sees this topic.


Thank you, Tatiang. I really appreciate you looking into it and getting an understanding of what I’m aiming to accomplish through Bluetooth. I’m actually not using text to speech anymore. It plays a certain mp3 file for each verse now. So it has to match the correct file with the verse number. However, that’s right. I do wish to be able to use the play button on a bluetooth speaker/remote to make it display the verse words on the screen and play the related mp3 file

Thank you for helping to me to spell it all out. Peace now.

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